Monday, October 29, 2007

Bonsai Trees from Bonsai Seeds

There are no such things as bonsai seeds. Nearly any tree can be miniaturized using bonsai techniques. But you can't just walk into the garden department and pick from a selection of tree seeds. If you're going to buy bonsai seeds you should buy them online from a reputable bonsai expert.

Personally I don't recommend anyone go this route, though. It takes a long time for a seed to germinate, and some seeds need to go through a wintering period before they will even sprout. And you could wait five or more years before your little tree is strong enough to start training.

You'd be better off buying a seedling, if you could find one locally. You can walk in the woods and search at the base of a nice tree for a seedling, if you live near a forest. Some suppliers sell young trees already in pots with some root pruning already done. If you have your own ideas about how a tree should be trained, this is probably the easiest way to do that.

Young bonsai trees with only the basic start already done don't cost an arm and a leg like a beautifully established specimen would. And you can get out your copper wire and raffia and get started toward your vision of the perfect bonsai without having to wait 10 years.

Still, if you plan on staying in the hobby for years to come, there is nothing wrong with buying some bonsai seeds and putting them in good bonsai soil or soil alternative and letting them grow while you work on your already started young bonsai.

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